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Watch record testimonies at Evang Ebuka Obi’s Zion Ministry


Last Sunday, November 12, like the Sundays before it, was a huge
spectacle at the Zion Prayer Movement Outreach in Okota, Lagos.

Founded by Evangelist Chukwuebuka Anozie Obi, the ministry has become
synonymous with stories of mind-boggling miracles of healings and
deliverances occurring either at Zion City there or those witnessed in
different parts of the world. The testimonies come from people who say
they were located  during online prayers by Evangelist Ebuka or were
healed after using Seraphic Water and Seraphic Oil blessed by the
Spiritual Director of the ministry, Ebuka.

The people who testified to their healing last Sunday included a woman
who had breast cancer; a US-based kidney disease patient (Onyedikachi),
and Beatrice Obiozor from United Kingdom who had glaucoma for 40 years
and was healed after surgery failed to rectify the problem. There was
also the story of Pirekina Anyanwu of Isiala Mbano, Imo State, who flew
in from Florida, US, to testify to how the Seraphic oil and water healed
his spinal chord injury and saved him from a highly risky surgery
recommended by doctors.

Click on the link below to watch the testimonies:

2 thoughts on “Watch record testimonies at Evang Ebuka Obi’s Zion Ministry

  1. Don’t fight Grace it’s one of my favorite songs he sang. He’s highly annointed, he has been confirmed genuine by numerous Men of God and Reverend Father. I’m also a living witness

  2. Zion ministry is a movement instituted by the Holy Ghost to liberate lives and deliver those in captive and bondages…. I thank God for the gift of Evangelist Ebuka obi to humanity,…..for his selfless services and commitment to the works of God and kingdom of God.

    We love Evang Ebuka obi

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