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55 Films Donated to Mtavari TV in Georgia

On October 29th our new Georgian broadcast partner Mtavari TV aired Putin’s Kiss – the first of fifty-five films dubbed in Georgian that will air on the channel over the coming months.

Mtavari is an independent channel that prides itself on bringing balanced, reliable news to Georgia. The channel stands out as a platform that is not afraid to criticize the actions of those in power, and is known for its high-quality investigative reporting.

With seven out of ten Georgians relying on television as their primary source of information, the role of Mtavari Channel becomes even more crucial.

“We’re very proud that Mtavari is our first Broadcast partner in Georgia, ” says Why Stories producer Mathilde Kirsten, “It’s a strong channel with beliefs that are very much aligned with The Why.”

Georgia is facing challenges that make our partnership especially important. NGOs and media outlets lack sufficient funding, and a declining interest in politics among young adults poses a significant threat to the country’s democratic future. 62% of young people in Georgia claim that they are not interested in politics.

We are proud to donate our films to a channel that is committed to promoting democracy and freedom of speech, and we are excited to see how Mtavari’s audience will respond to them!


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