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Speaker ‘s Wife, Salamatu Gbajabiamila on Spending Spree, Buys 12 Million Fashion Accessories

Salamatu Gbajabiamila, wife of Speaker of House of Representatives, is trending again on social media, three years after her husband spoilt her with a G-Wagon 50th birthday gift worth N100 million.

The 53 year-old woman who is notably fashionable is trending for the same reason.

A photograph that shows her in designer dresses and accessories has surfaced online.

The date it was taken was not clear

Salamatu Gbajabiamila’s Bottega Veneta bagP.M. News tried to compute conservatively the cost of her outfit.

Conservative, because the cost of the gown beneath her Hobo coat or jackie was not added. Also not added was the cost of several rings on her hand.

Salamatu’s mini tubular handbag does not come cheap. Made of lambskin, It is sold for £1,995 by Italian luxury fashion house, Bottega Veneta

It has a single compartment, zip closure and nylon lining.

The Hobo coat is sold by Gucci for $4,800 or £2,970.

The Rolex wristwatch is available for between $11,000 to $25,000.

And Salamatu’s platform shoe, as pink as it is attracts a price tag of $3,500.

Altogether, the estimate for her outfit conservatively is N12, 078,550.

Here is how we arrived at the computation:

Handbag: £1,995 or $2,661= N1,463,550

Coat: $4,800= N2,640,000

Wristwatch: $11,000= N6,050,000

Shoe: $3,500= N1,925,000.

Exchange rate: N550= $1


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