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‘The worst idea in the world’: Jennifer Lopez vents Super Bowl frustrations in Netflix documentary


 Jennifer Lopez and Shakira astonished with a marathon Super Bowl halftime show that flawlessly wed pageantry with politics.

But in “Halftime,” a new documentary that opened the annual Tribeca Festival Wednesday, Lopez reveals that it was hardly smooth sailing in the months and weeks leading up to the performance.

In candid interviews and fly-on-the-wall footage captured by director Amanda Micheli in summer 2019, Lopez tries to keep mum about speculation she’s the “frontrunner” to headline the halftime show. So when the announcement comes that September she’ll be joined by Shakira, Lopez’s team calls it a slight against both women, suggesting that the NFL doesn’t believe Latinas can command the world’s biggest stage solo.

Lopez, to be clear, doesn’t blame Shakira, and both artists are shown collaborating and supporting each other throughout the documentary. But Lopez doesn’t hold back about the NFL.

“If it was gonna be a double headliner, they should’ve given us 20 (expletive) minutes,” she tells Shakira by phone, after agreeing to evenly split up their 12-minute performance time.

Later in the film, Lopez attempts to hash out her Super Bowl set list with her music director, expressing frustration with how few songs she can realistically do in the six minutes allotted to her.

Tribeca Festival runs through June 19 with virtual and in-person events. “Halftime,” meanwhile, streams on Netflix June 14.

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