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The Shattiman Daular Usimaniyya You Need to Know on Tackling Insecurity In Zamfara State .


History will recognize the giant efforts made by the Barde of Hausa land,the God chosen one, the Executive Governor of Zamfara State.Hon. Dr. Bello Muhammad Matawalle of Maradun. A black plum is as sweet as a white, we must be chuffed to bits for having a Man who understands the current situation of our dear State and still solving them amicably.

Gov. Bello Matawalle assumes office as the Governor of Zamfara State at the most trying time where bandits have taken over most of the Local governments area of the State, Matawalle as a Former Chairman house committee on Security he applied so many ways on how to solve the problems of insecurity, he introduces Ruga settlement, Annual sharu for Fulanis to feel important, Peace deal,as well as encouraging our Security forces with so many desirable tools which including financial support, brand new Hilux among others.

No one could deny the fact that as Governor Bello Matawalle emerges, Zamfara has celebrated over 50days without any attack. During this celebration the Governor was misquoted by journalists at which the opposition members in State feels pleasure. in Zamfara State all indications have proof that there are number of politicians aiding the banditry activities in Zamfara State. The same politicians would keep accusing the Governor of carelessness on people lives, the same people would enjoy any attack on our villages just to condemn the administration of Gov. Bello Matawalle.

As Governor Bello Matawalle studied the scenario and decided to apply a rat race against the enemies of Zamfara peace and progress, he Swore to Holy book of Allah S.W.A. and challenges all those accusing him of carelessness to come and swear that they doesn’t have hands on rampant killings of innocent people in the State, and they are not enjoying pleasure over it, up to now none of them could come and defend themselves.

That is how Governor Bello Matawalle made them as crooked as a dog`s hind leg. Matawalle was not in power when this problem started, majority of those accusing him now were then on power and fails to do the neccessary thing to stop it. Nothing is difficult than inheriting a problem, had it been Matawalle was in power when this thing started we could have accuse him of carelessness but for now we must appreciate his strong braveness in accepting the challenge to tackle the inherited problems gradually. He can withstand pressures, I never heard him resigning from Security officer or giving people pessimism he is always optimistic and ready to make difference.

Allah says ; If you are grateful I will increase you, but if you deny indeed my punishments are severe. Ya Allah we are grateful for having Governor Bello Matawalle. Ya Allah guide him, protect him, give him more courage to perform his duties. May peace continue to reign in our dear State Zamfara and Nigeria at large.
Long live Dodonation
Long live Zamfara State
Long live Nigeria.

Yours in State Service,
Comr. Ramadan Mijinyawa.
Peace Ambassador.

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