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Sokoto ‘Blasphemy’: Zamfara Imam condemned killing of Deborah, supports arrest of the suspects


A renown Islamic cleric in Zamfara Sheik Tukur Sani Jangebe has condemned the killing of Deborah Samuel, the Shehu Shagari College of Education student who insulted Muslim Prophet Muhammad.


The cleric who described the gruesome murder of the innocent soul Deborah Samuel for simply insulting the Prophet, as barbaric and against Islam.


He said Deborah should have been handed over to the appropriate authorities for appropriate action rather than killing her in the manner the killers carried out the murder.


Sheikh Muhammad Tukur Sani Jangebe, a former Zamfara State Commissioner for Religious Affairs who is now the Chief Imam of the Muslims Foundation mosque Gusau, being sponsored by a prominent Zamfara politician and a Governorship aspirant Dauda Lawal Dare, made the condemnation of the lynching and gruesome murder of Deborah Samuel when he was delivering his Friday simon in Gusau the state Capital.


The Islamic cleric advised Muslims to abide by the teachings and lessons of Islam, saying even the prophet Mohammed, underwent several insults and humiliations but did not order the killing of his adversaries.


He said it was a very great sin for any Muslim to take such laws into his or her hands, saying that Allah did not ordain such Islamic injunction and called for the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators of the muder for justice to the deceased family.

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