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Rapper, Chyn Releases His Highly Anticipated Song “Hosanna”

Chyn is a Nigerian musical artist whose music can be described as “alternative rap” and he draws his influence from all kinds of genres which include Afrobeat, soul, Jazz and Electronic music. Chyn delivers a unique feel, and his delivery creates an essential connection that all music lovers need and desire.

He has worked with various prominent Nigerian artists like Ladipoe, Funbi, Ozone, Payper Corleone, Obongjayar & Falz. Chyn represents a new generation of Nigerian artists putting African music on the world stage.

As a unique talent, Chyn is actively involved in the growth of his type of rap style; his art is centered around strong, captivating Images which has made him stand out in the music industry. He has solid knowledge in arranging captivating stories that resonate with individualism, and encourages self-esteem.

His latest release titled HOSANNA features a catchy hook from FXRTUNE and this collaboration leaves a trail of good feeling after listening. With a ready to flow lyrics, Chyn definitely has a way of sending positive messages with this single, HOSANNA.

Expect nothing less from his latest song, “Hosanna”. Join the conversation #ChynHosanna

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