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Quincy Wellness is An Integrative Medical Centre Not Just Herbal Home- Dr. Tobi Keeney

Those who know her say she is lady with Midas touch who literally turns everything into gold. Indeed, Dr. Maria Tobi Keeney, daughter of the prominent Herbal Slimming expert, Quincy Sumbo Ayodele has proved her mettle in the last few years after taking over from her mother to steer the ship of the 26 year old family business.

It is easy to see why Quincy Wellness has become a health tourist destination of choice for many Nigerians across the country.

And indeed, whatever parameters are used. Keeney, the current quintessential  manager with an eye for success no doubt has surpassed her mother, breaking new grounds.

Tobi while speaking recently  to rub minds with the selected few media men at their Corporate Head office on MacGregor Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, harped more on the new innovations and ideas introduced into the establishment after taking over.

The US returnee in her address appreciated the media support in the last few years  and also   thanked God and her mother for the opportunity given to her to express  her dexterity.

Talking about the reposition of the brand, Tobi opined that unknown them, the home  before now had been operating on the integration basis not until Lagos State Government Passed the integration bill into law.

Speaking further, she said Quincy Wellness and Naturopathic Centre is not just an herbal slimming center but an integrated medical center saddled with traditional herbs cure solution  for all chronic diseases.

“This is our first year that we started our pure  integration model and we have proof to show that it works for the diseases.

“What does Integration means? it’s not just  only malaria but combination of all cute illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, typhoid, and so on.   That is when traditional medicine comes into play.

“When you come in here with any of the diseases mentioned, we first run a check on the patient before we embark on the treatment.

“Once we  normalize the health issue through our first aid treatment, then we continue with our herbs and medicine to manage the health condition until we are satisfied with good result on the patient”, she stated.

Speaking on the importance of the traditional medicine compared to Western medicine, Dr. Keeney pointed out that  there are several chronic ailments. that traditional medicine will cure permanently that Western drugs cannot treat or cure for life.

She added that once you start taking Western drug to manage an ailment, there are indications that you will take it for life, noting that there could be reduction of amount of intake of drugs in integration

“Seriously, Western drugs should be alternative to traditional medicine, considering the effectiveness of the natural medicine. because there is limitation of intake of  Western drugs compared to our modernized herbs”, she concluded.

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