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NSCDC pros gifts Olusola Odumosu at STRACOMM 2022.


A Conference like never before, where knowledge, honour and splendour were lavishly expended like some currencies.

Your humility, sagacity, charisma, confidence, impact, smiles, love respect for all and many more virtuous humane characters are worthy of emulation and reverence for many of us, who have taken our time to imbibe your unflinching visionary spirit, towards achieving individual and organizational goals.

God willing we may name something after your name. May God give us life more abundantly.

Your type is rare on the surface of our planet, yet you mind not if you were the only one still remaining.

For the sake of mentioning, the staff in the PR Department, at the NHQ, are super loveable, proactive, respectful, pragmatic, realistic, optimistic, joyful, magnanimous, unassuming, result – thirsty and above all pure hearted.

We wish you the best in and out of the Corps. May God grant you more wisdom, knowledge and understanding, for greater success and remarkable impacts. In Jesus mighty name . Amen.
Tuesday, 10th November, 2022.

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