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How Ned Nwoko almost destroyed a young Aniosha man’s life- Azuka Jebose


Please take a look at these pictures. They are the same youngman. The picture to your left is Raymond Omesiete, the 35 year old business start up ambitious youngman before June/july 2021. In mid November 2020, Asaba police raided his office and arrested him(kidnapped). The police allegedly flew him in Ned Nwokos private jet to Sulejah prison to await charges of Murder and Terrorism. An innocent youngman from Idumuje Ugboko would be locked up for the next eight months, awaiting trial.

The picture to your right is the same Raymond Omesiete on the afternoon of June 2021, standing in front of the Sulejah court where he was ordered released after spending eight months in jail for trumped up, fake and phony Murder and terrorism charges. He was standing outside awaiting transportation to his hometown, after his release.

My people compare the picture to your right to the one on your left. Shey una see the difference. A youngman lost his pride, his self esteem in prison because Ned humiliated him. . Raymond before being arrested, jailed and the picture to your right after spending eight months in Sulejah. You want to still know why Ned Nwoko and Malami are claiming in their extradition letter that I am cyberstalking Ned? Because I am exposing them and the judiciary. The real murderers and terrorists.

Raymond will never get his life back. He’s been dehumanized and broken by that experience. Imagine the psychological trauma. In a civilized and functional country Raymond will be compensated, Malami and Ned will be roasting their saggy balls in prison. This, in part, is why Malami is asking the United States government to extradite an American citizen who is expressing his First ammendment rights, using that to expose a rich and well connected terrorist. Malami and Ned want to kill me in a Nigerian prison. Now, imagine if Raymond were your son, your brother, your father, your boyfriend, your husband, your nephew and or your uncle or cousin? Would you still be supporting Ned Nwoko by asking me for proof. Go to Idumuje Ugboko and look for Raymond. He is still carrying the sad mental scars of his prison trauma. Dont read alone. Please share and stay with me.

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