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Governor Bello Mattawale : A magnificent leader maintaining political stability amidst insecurity


Matawalle is a magnificent leader.

His generosity knows no bound which, informed his
earlier decision to run an all-inclusive government.

Even the Prophet (pbuh) teaches us to be generous to
one another for it increases love amongst us, hence
creates a peaceful and accommodating atmosphere,
thereby eradicating hate.

Matawalle is the era of political cohesion in a state once
gripped by political instability amidst insecurity.

Matawalle is a humble soul who prioritizes peace and
unity at all cost.

He knows political cohesion is the solution to our
numerous socioeconomic challenges.

Matawalle, fondly called DODO (the fearless son of
mercy), for he roars like a lion, but remains a man of
peace within the circumference of uniquely attainable
enchanting humility.
Matawalle unifies. A unifying agent!

Matawalle remains politically irresistible like a
parpendicular line.

Matawalle, the unstoppable, the magnanimous.

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