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Four of the greatest Afternoon Tea Dates

Celebrate Afternoon beverage few days (10-16 August) by taking your own day to a single of our own favorite tea areas from Great Date Guide!

Lumley Castle, Durham

Create your day feel just like royalty by welcoming them for lunch, beverages or afternoon tea at a castle. Waiting within the area during the breathtaking County Durham landscape for more than 600 years, Lumley Castle harks returning to a period when chivalry was actually truly live, kicking and fighting for an individual’s honor. If you’d like to be addressed like a lady, or feel like a knight in shining armour, this castle is the perfect place to do it.


Grosvenor Resort, Chester

As soon as you go into the doorways with the top Chester Grosvenor resort you know you’re in for treat.  This level II noted building is located in the heart of outdated Chester of the Eastgate Clock. Inside it is actually elegance personified, with twinkling chandeliers and superb materials. The hotel boasts two award-winning restaurants, Los Angeles Brassie sucht ihn Zeitzre for an even more calm meal as well as for actually making the feeling on your own loved one, the Michelin starred Simon Radley.  They usually have presented this Michelin award regularly since 1990, so as you can imagine the dinner knowledge is actually associated with highest criterion. It is possible to find the Signature, A La Carte or even the 8 program Tasting menus. And/or Afternoon beverage? Whatever your decision you will definitely earn brownie factors for choosing this type of a lovely, excellent site.


The Panoramic 34, Liverpool

The Panoramic 34 which sits regarding the 34th flooring from the prestigious western Tower, the highest building in Liverpool,  is much more than just a pretty look. The restaurant provides a great assortment of cocktails and a superb eating diet plan both for meal and meal that are certain to impress. For a everyday time or a few sweet-tooths, find a unique many mid-day beverage menus that consist of antique to Exotic, helping a variety of pastries from untamed strawberry macaroons to chocolate Viennese biscuits.


Thomas Oken Tearooms, Warwick

For your impossible romantics available, it can feel like some thing of a perishing art to be taken on a good conventional go out. Thankfully, the wonderful Thomas Oken Tea Rooms in Warwick tend to be truly fit for purpose, and also you won’t be left let down due to their picturesque, over the years rich building.

Constructed by Thomas Oken himself 500 years back, the idyllic house-turned-establishment perfectly catches the allure of this Warwickshire city, and can make it easier to transform your antiquated hopes and dreams into reality.

Step inside the house and you will discover a cosy, friendly atmosphere, complete with either ointment and afternoon teas – in best keeping with outdated English tradition. Naturally, they also offer everybody’s favourite 21st millennium dependency – coffee!


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