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Democracy and Housing Affordability: Can They Be Reconciled?


Hosted by UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA), James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments.

In the dynamic realm of urban development, a pressing concern has emerged, thrusting local democracy into the spotlight. Once hailed as a cornerstone of civic engagement, it is now accused of contributing to soaring housing prices that afflict our communities. On February 12th, a diverse group will convene to delve into this intricate issue and unravel its implications, not just for Vancouver but globally. Our intention is to answer a simple question: Does local democracy stand in the way of affordable housing?

The Province of British Columbia’s recent intervention, seizing control of housing from local authorities in favor of a more centralized approach, has shifted the landscape significantly and creates an urgency to find an answer. Housing, covering a staggering 80 percent of all urban land, now operates under a diminished local authority. This event aims to explore the rationale behind this shift, questioning whether it ensures efficient and equitable urban development or reflects a distrust in citizens’ ability to make decisions for the broader social fabric.

The focus on Vancouver, a city that tripled housing units since the 1970s yet grapples with the highest housing prices in North America, prompts a vital inquiry. If increasing housing supply within city limits should lower prices, why does Vancouver’s market defy this logic? The event aims to dissect this paradox, inviting the audience to actively engage in a discourse

This gathering signifies more than a local debate; it is a microcosm of a global conversation. As we navigate the layers of complexity surrounding the intersection of local democracy and housing affordability, the insights gained in Vancouver have the potential to reverberate across cities and nations. The audience for this event will not be just spectators; they will be active participants contributing to a crucial discussion on the intricate relationship between local democracy and housing accessibility.

Join us on February 12th for an evening that promises to illuminate a path toward understanding and solutions with implications far beyond city borders. Together, we explore whether local democracy is the culprit or saviour for housing affordability.


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