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Celebration Galore… As Lekan Osifeso Gets Two of the Highest Chieftancy Titles in Ijebuland

Anybody who knows anything about social and corporate life would understand the implications of the end of a year. The top of these implications is the recognition of achievements and contributions. But, even though this is essentially a tradition by now, it is an honour conferred on fewer than fewer. This year, popular Lagos businessman and construction giant, Otunba Lekan Osifeso, is one of these.
Ijebuland is currently enjoying a wave of excitement and jubilation at the prospect of getting a new High chief in the person of Osifeso, come Wednesday December 15, 2021. The kingdom, led by the consummate monarch and Paramount Ruler of ijebuland, Oba Sikiru kayode Adetona, would help usher Osifeso into two of the most prestigious positions in the land: Olotu Olowa and Madasa of Ijebuland in Ogun state .
This is not the first wave of the news of Osifeso’s new status, but it is loud, nonetheless. The first report of this intended conferment emerged several months ago. But for a few inconveniences, the date was not announced. Now, the D-Day has been decided and the preparations are already underway.
Otunba Osifeso is not a new name. One could go so far as to claim that it is a household name, particularly among Nigerians who are conversant with the dynamics of the construction industry in the country. Here, Osifeso is at least a lord of repute and influence, if not one of the crownless tsars in the industry.
Osifeso’s Retro Group of companies, has cast the shadow of the Ijebu man’s across the horizon of the construction industry. Even so, Osifeso is noted to hold a special place in his heart for his Ijebu roots. Thus, the effort of the Awujale and paramount Ruler of Ijebuland to honour Osifeso is understandable.
Being a very gregarious person, folks have made a conservative estimate of who will be attending the ceremony in December: everybody, from the bottom to the top of Nigerian society. Moreover, with Fuji musician K1 De Ultimate anticipated at the event, preparations are in full swing.

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