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Celebrating The Game Changer, The Olowu of Kuta

There is no doubt that men and women of ideas rule the world. Indeed, stories of great men and women who have impacted or changed the course of mankind are centered on great ideas.

And Olowu of Kuta Kingdom, His Royal Majesty, Oba Hammed Adekunle Makama Oyelude (Tegbosun) 111, fits the bill, having changed the narratives of his kingdom, by doing what his past successors could not do in a lifetime for Kuta people and the entire Yoruba race.

His contribution to culture and tradition development in Osun State and his interest of his people at heart recently necessitated members of the Society of Digital Newspaper Owners of Nigeria (SDNON),  appreciating him with a special recognition award for his great exploits in the kingdom.

Oba Oyelude

“Over the past nine years, seven months that I have been opportune to reign as the Olowu of Kuta, there have been some legacy projects and landmark achievements to our credit like never before”, Oba Oyelude enthused.

According to many, Olowu Kuta epitomizes merit and viable connections in the corridors of power with indescribable allure using it to uplift the commoners.

He has got a heart of gold, he is astoundingly generous too and he lives to improve the lots of others, the downtrodden in particular, hence the contents of his pockets are often emptied to better the lives of impoverished indigenes of Kuta.

For Oba Oyelude, it has been a life rich in drama and stormy heroics full of surprises and unexpected sleights of fate and destiny.

Give it to him, many have benefitted, in no small measure from the benevolence of his heart and sipped from the fountain of his experience. Check Nigerian guides.

Judging from his accomplishments, indeed Oba Makaama who is known as a very likable and amiable, and unique person is very successful not only in business or family life but also in his kingdom as many have attested to the massive achievements of his just nine years reign as the ruler.

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