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BB02 Charms Benin City With ‘Dance’ and ‘Jogodo’

Jesse Adesotu Woghiren, alias THE BB02, singer, songwriter, rapper, and label executive, took Benin City by storm during his South-South Media Tour to discuss his songs Dance and Jogodo featuring THE LEMLINES (Bigmanity Music All-stars).
This crew comprises C-Mion and Gabby Zeze (R&B vocal powerhouse). Charge – the music producer cum performing artist is also a member.
On May 21st, 2021, this activation started with radio interviews on Rhythm 93.7FM, KU 92.7F, Speed 96.9FM, Vibes 97.3FM, and ended up with a press conference on May 22nd at 21:26 Lounge.
During the radio interviews, BB02 discussed his headspace while recording his hit song titled Dance.
The song ‘Dance’ – a pop song with a mashup of traditional ‘Bini’ undertone, has attracted massive airplay.
BB02, alongside all the signees on Bigmanity music, is set to reshape the music landscape in Nigeria. As a record label that prides itself in investing massively in the talents on its books, they are also investing in the youths in the music industry with various sets of reality talent shows they will be unveiling in the coming weeks.
For BB02 and his Bigmanity music group, good music, integrity, and supporting creatives are all that matters.

BB02 also uses the press conference that also doubles as a song listening session to reiterate the commitment of Bigmanity Music to supporting local talents. As a record label, Bigmanity Music is operating on a global scale.
We will use every apparatus of ours to turn home-ground musicians, producers, fashion designers, models, music/news publishers, and dancers into international brands.
As we continue on this train of The BB02 & LEMLINES media tour, we will stop at all the regional zones in Nigeria. We will meet with creatives to spread the good news this record label has in abundance to offer.

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