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Quincy honored as the Peak Performer by TPP-Africa

Quincy Honored As The Peak Performer By TPP-Africa

It was obviously another deserved recognition for Dr Quincy Olasunmbo Ayodele earlier in the week as one of Africa top brand, The Top Performance Africa, pronounced the delectable founder of Quincy Wellness and Naturopathic Centre, as it’s Top Performer of the Week.

The weekly recognitions of prominent and outstanding individuals by the brand is to inspire and encourage younger ones with Nigerians who have distinctively distinguished their selves in their career over the years, hence, the resolve to project the impactful business life of Mrs Ayodele.

Well traveled across the world representing Nigeria and Africa as World Health Organization (WHO) expert on development of traditional medicine in Africa, Dr Quincy is a graduate of the Nigerian College of Natural Medicine, of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology Nigeria. At different policy dialogue when given the opportunity to speak, Quincy often relish her audience with the salient information that Nigeria has over 8,000 plant species with numerous benefits in ethno-medicine and ethno-pharmacy and it is being used either wholly or in combination with modern drugs.
The seasoned and highly celebrated entrepreneur is also known as a skin care expert and she’s the founder and chief executive officer of Quincy Herbal Slimmers, an authority both in Nigeria and internationally.

After practicing African Traditional Medicine for the management of obesity and its associated diseases for over 30 years in Nigeria, she is the first to fully integrate Traditional Medicine into the existing Health care during Covid-19 and is currently managing an Integrated Wellness and Naturopathic facility – QUINCY WELLNESS & NATUROPATHIC CENTER

The recognition by TPP-Africa was posted on its official social media to celebrate the unique woman.

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