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Olugbo Of Ugbo, Olu Of Igbokoda Reconciled, Moved To Save Ilaje From Cult Activities

It was a historical event today 16th October in Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State as The Olugbo Of Ugbo, Oba Fredrick Enitolorunda Akinruntan (Okoro Ajiga I) and The Olu of Igbokoda, Oba Afolabi Odidiomo (Akokoniko Larada I) reconciled a long time seemingly conflict in order to save the unrest situations of cultist clashes and other related criminal activities in Igbokoda and other part of Ilaje Local Government.

Olugbo and Olu of Igbokoda

The two traditional rulers have not been in good order with themselves for sometimes over an undisclosed issues, but due to the issues of the conflicts, criminals in the area, especially cultist have taken the advantages to perpetrate series of evils, including cultist group known as eiye and eiye having clashes which had claimed many lives and properties in the area. The recent brutal killings that took place on 14th October 2021 where two persons suspected to be members of aiye cult were killed by eiye gang at Omonira street Igbokoda gave a signal threat to both local and international security risk in the area.

The conflict Resolution Team which was sponsored by the President of Ilaje National Association of USA, Prince Kayode Enigbokan, had HRH, Professor Aderibigbe Olomola, The Oloja of Itebu-Kunmi as the Chairman. Other members of the team were; Justice Okorisa Orimisan James, Primate S.O Ayodele, Dr. Roju Malumi, and Dr. Ibukun Omotehinse.

While presented his cordial experience with cultist issues in Igbokoda before the Olugbo of Ugbo, Oba Afolabi pointed that he had not been able to manage the situation because of the threat he usually had by some well meaning individuals who usually grant the cultist bail whenever arrest is made.

Olu of Igbokoda noted that he knows some of those cultist leaders and members in each group who usually go out to kill others and others who have been killed. He further explained that the setback is those who supposed to join hands with him to wipe the issues of cultist once and for all ended up granting cultists bail when they were arrested, and when they were granted bail, they went back to kill more people in Igbokoda. Meanwhile, passerby who couldn’t hear his side of the story pointed at him as member of the cultist because he is unable to manage the situation.

Oba Afolabi Odidiomo thanks all well meaning individuals who had contributed to the success of the conflict resolution and appreciated the Olugbo of Ugbo, Oba Akinruntan for given him the privileges to come to his palace and make peace. He also call on all security agents in igbokoda and Government of ondo state to wage war and save the situation so that business activities could be restored.

Olu of Igbokoda

In response to Olu of Igbokoda , the Olugbo of Ugbo, Oba Akinruntan made it known that the Olu of Igbokoda is considered as his son, and all considered as sins or offenses of Olu of Igbokoda to him are forgiven. ‘’There is no more conflict and there will be none in the future, because Ilaje is our home, conflict is over between me and olu of Igbokoda’’ Olugbo said. Olugbo also made it known that he has also considered the situation of cultist clashes in Igbokoda and other parts of Ilaje as based on the facts that himself and Olu of Igbokoda were not in good order, therefore resulted to no one to talk to people having the clashes. Olugbo also confirmed that some recognized institutions, including Government and individuals are using such advantages to deny Ilaje people with capital development and relented efforts to see to the sea incursion in aiyetoro community.

Olugbo further explained that he cannot continue to see the situation as it is going, because Ilaje both home and abroad are calling him everyday for solution to the daily cultist killings and other criminals activities in Ilaje, especially Igbokoda. ‘’by reconciled with Olu of Igbokoda today is an anniversary which has been made in the history of Ilaje, and I am sure it is the most happiest day in the heart of Ilaje people’’ Olugbo affirmed.

Speaking on the cultist killings in Igbokoda, The Olugbo of Ugbo assured the Olu of Igbokoda of his support to eradicate the root of cultist in the entire parts of Ilaje local Government, and to call other Obas to move Ilaje forward. In his words, Olugbo gave 24hrs to all cultists in Ilaje local Government, especially in Igbokoda to shield their swords or face the consequences awaiting them. Olugbo warned all supporters and influencers of cultist and other criminals to desists or face demolitions of their buildings in Igbokoda and other part of Ilaje. He gave his backing to the Olu of Igbokoda to arrest any perpetrators he found wanting and let him see who will go out to bail them from police or other security agents.

Olugbo warned all parents living in and out of Igbokoda to calm their wards from crime because it is time for traditional rulers sword to reach every home of criminals. He thanks the President of the Ilaje National Association of USA and their members on their efforts so far in bringing developmental agendas to the people.

The chairman of the Reconciliation Team, Professor Aderibigbe Olomola spoken on behalf of his team to thank the Olugbo of Ugbo and Olu of Igbokoda for given them the opportunity to reach out with them when they were selected for the tasks. Prof. Olomola also appreciated the President of Ilaje National Association of USA for the responsibilities reposed on them to serve the interest of Ilaje land by reuniting the two monarchs. He counted it as an achievement they had delivered for Ilaje home and abroad.

The President of the INAUSA, Prince Kayode Enigbokan while sending his warm appreciation over the event, thanked the Secretary of the INAUSA Olori Olufunmi Nejo-Oluyede for her support and advice all time over the victory recorded in reuniting the two traditional whom he considered as voices and active traditional rulers ilaje is proud of. He also thanked all members of the association for their support throughout the time they started their possible efforts. Prince Enigbokan promised to send his official appreciation messages to all concerned people in due time.


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