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Land dispute settled in man ‘s favour after prophecy by Evang. Ebuka

One of the outstanding testimonies recorded at last Sunday’s Fellowship Programme of Zion Prayer Movement Outreach, Lagos, was that of Ndubisi Johnson from Orlu, Imo State.
The businessman who bought a piece of land was on the verge of losing it when some members of the family from whom he purchased the land came back to reclaim it after he had finished constructing the fence. The case ended up in court and dragged on for over a year during which time he sought God’s intervention at Zion Ministry.
God answered his prayer on July 9, 2023, when Evangelist Ebuka mentioned his case during Open Heavens: “Ndubisi, I see God giving you victory over the land dispute. The Lord will give you victory. There will be confusion  and they will ask you to come and take your land. This will happen and you will give praise to the God of Zion Ministry. And you Ndubisi will come to give testimony because it is already settled”, Ebuka had declared in the prophecy video of July 9 which was played in between Ndubisi’s testimony.
According to Ndubisi, the prophecy was made on a Sunday ahead of the court case on Tuesday: “When we got to court, the people we have the case with withdrew and said I should take back my land”.
Watch the video below:

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