Prophet Noah Honour Akindele, JP, is the founder of Upper Room Ministry which is affiliated to the Christ Apostolic Church which trained him to become a pastor decades ago. Also known as Kiniun Jesu, he worked for CAC as an evangelist and prophet before he was ordained a pastor in CAC Worldwide and then started his own church in 2001. And in this interview, he speaks about the Lenten season and especially about the rumours consistently making the rounds that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government of Nigeria has plans to islamise the country.

Some people are saying there are plans to islamise Nigeria. Do you agree with them?

I don’t agree with them because this country cannot be islamised. No, no, no, no, no, noooooooooo. Nobody has that mind, I’m sure of that. Our leaders don’t have it, I’m sure about that, and the spirit of God hasn’t even told me anything like that, that our country is going to be islamised. The country’s for both Islam and Christianity, which we all know that. And Nigeria’s a country that God has chosen to be His own, so nothing like islamising the country. I’m not sure of that.

Some people say Islam is overtaking Christianity. For instance, in the UK, they say there are more mosques now than churches, and its remaining churches are even closing down. They say Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world now. So do you think Islam is actually overtaking Christianity, and if so, what can Christianity do about it?

Well, I don’t think that Islam is overtaking Christianity, but if it is, according to what people are saying, then let us agree that it’s the Word of God coming to fulfillment concerning it, because Islam came up through a child that came out from Abraham, so if they say Islam

Its significance is that our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified and this gave us the time to have the Lenten period because His crucifixion came up after the Lenten, after He had His forty days and forty nights’ prayer. Then, the Lenten signifies to a Christian that we’re really in Christ, that we really accepted Him and recognize Him that He came to this world for us. So the Lenten shows us that we have passion for His coming and we’re expecting Him again according to His word that He’s coming back. And the Lenten makes us come closer to Him in the spirit once in a year for that forty days and forty nights. Then it gives us mercy and blessings, especially in the spirit. And it strengthens our spiritual life with Him, God.

So when did Lenten 2019 start, when’s it gonna end and do people actually know it’s going on?

We’ve started for about three weeks now (as at March 27, 2019), this is the third week, and it’s going to end in April, we’re still in March now, so it’ll end in the month of April on the 18th or 19th. People probably may not show as if they know the Lenten’s going on, but they know. It’s because of our economy, the way things are, and the fact that we just finished voting in our general elections, that’s why maybe some people might feel the Lenten isn’t effectively on or that people aren’t observing it, but Christians are observing it, in fact, everybody know it’s going on presently, and all over the world. By the grace of God, on the 18th of April, because we will have Easter Sunday on the 21st of April, Good Friday on the 19th, so we’ll finish our Lenten, as I said earlier, on the 18th of April stroke the 19th.

Does Lenten 2019 have any significance for Nigeria in particular?

Yes it does, because as we’re in the Lenten, we’re praying for the country, praying for everybody, and the inspiration of the Lenten, of the prayer of the people of God of this time is also holding our country, for it to be well, for God to take control of things and for His

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