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How Abuja stood still for Evangelist Ebuka Obi’s crusade

Zion, a non- denominational prayer ministry, had its first official outreach programme on February 24 in Abuja. The gathering was literally an earthquake on FCT grounds, beginning from the Airport with the multitude and long convoy of vehicles that came to welcome the Spiritual Director, Evangelist Ebuka Obi.
The one-day crusade held at the spacious Exhibition Pavilion Centre was attended by thousands of people from Nigeria and across the borders, with the crowd spilling out to adjoining streets. It recorded several verifiable testimonies of instant miracles, healings and prophecy with instant solutions as well as hundreds giving their lives to Christ.
Zion Ministry headquarters is at Ago, Okota, Lagos, Nigeria, but it has its branches all over Nigeria, Africa, Europe, America and Asia.

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