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Fuel Subsidy Removal Echoes Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy On Hardship In Nigeria

You may decide to call him a prophet of doom or an analyst but you can never take away the fact that everything he says comes to pass no matter how long it takes. Nigerians are facing a serious crisis because they failed to listen to Primate Ayodele’s warnings especially in 2019 when he said Buhari’s second term will not be palatable for Nigerians but instead of listening, they gathered to call the man of God unprintable names.

Since 2019 when he released these warnings, Nigerians are yet to recover from economic problems, massive increase of prices of commodities, insecurity, sickening electricity supply, corruption and several social vices. Instead of getting better, we keep experiencing worse things all because we failed to listen to Primate Ayodele’s warnings.

As a matter of fact, the presidency are aware that the warnings of Primate Ayodele have come to pass and they have tried to shut him up by sponsoring publications against him but God can never be silenced, this man of God has continued to gain grounds with his spiritual warnings that keeps on coming to pass.

Before we got into 2021, Primate Ayodele released prophecies in December 2020 that the new year will be filled with several troubles for the country and one of the things that will be rampant is economic meltdown, kidnapping and insecurity. He advised the government on what to do so these won’t happen yet they never listened, we all know the level we are now as a country because of the government’s obstinacy.

While we thought all was over, news broke out yesterday that the federal government will stop paying fuel subsidy in 2022 and replace it with N5,000 transportation support to be paid to 40 million poor Nigerians. As a result of this, it was announced that Nigerians will have to buy petrol for N340/ltr in 2022.

Meanwhile at different times this year, Primate Ayodele released a prophecy that he foresees petrol price getting to 240 and above. In June 2021, He made this statement about petrol prices even though it was greeted by so much criticism, here we are living the reality of that prophetic revelation.

Just two weeks ago during a live service in his church, Primate Ayodele told his congregation to pray, prepare for 2022 because he foresees hardship in the year and specifically mentioned an increase in petroleum products.

Also some weeks ago, Primate Ayodele in an interview with Tribune newspapers revealed that Nigerians should expect more hardship in 2022. With the announcement that fuel subsidy will be removed, is this prophecy not going to come to pass? It definitely will.

Primate Ayodele is a prophet who doesn’t need the validation of any political leader, those in government, his prophecies are speaking for him despite the fact that the government has tried countless times to discredit him but none of their gimmicks have worked against him.

We all saw how his prophecies played out in the just concluded Anambra gubernatorial election. He had prophesied since 2020 that the election victory will be between APGA and PDP, that’s exactly what happened during the election.


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