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ESG Impact Consulting holds Sustainability Summit/Exhibition/ Awards

ESG Impact Consulting Holds Sustainability Summit/Exhibition/ Awards

ESG Impact Consulting Limited, a sustainability firm has announced its plan to hold the Nigeria ESG Summit/Exhibition and Award on the 31st of May 2024 at Civic Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.
The Nigeria ESG Summit is a Think Tank Platform to discuss the Impact of ESG to businesses and society at large. The theme of the summit is: Achieving Sustainable Development Goal in the Socio-economic and Governance environment of our country in 2030.
The Summit is meant to explore the role of ESG in today’s Social, Economic and Governance Systems of Organization and Society at large. It will also discuss how to solve the challenges of Sustainability and provide how to integrate sustainability in your core Business Functions.
The ESG Exhibition is a platform to showcase your ESG Projects. Participating as an exhibitor at the ESG Exhibition can take you straight to your target market and demonstrate your level of support and commitment to sustainability.
The Award is an iconic award meant to celebrate sustainability champions in Nigeria. A special feature, is the unveiling of our publication called: The Sustainable Report which is a global news and rating for leaders in sustainability. It is first ever platform exploring sustainability through innovation. It contains engaging News feature, hard hitting special reports, crisp and live News Nuggets. This report also includes Business Leaders, Guest Commentaries, Brand Profiling and Products Spotlight that help readers understand issues and take advantage of emerging ESG Opportunities.
The organizer of the event ESG Impact Consulting Limited is a sustainability firm ( that helps organizations and government to meet Human Needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The firm conducts research, publishes report on Sustainable Development and proffers solution to various sustainability challenges in our country. Some of the services provided by the Firm are Climate Change Research, ESG Impact Assessment Services, Waste Management, Water/Air Pollutions, Natural Resources Use and Services Sustainability Consulting. The Principal Consultant of ESG Impact Consulting Limited is Mr. Desmond Esorougwe, a sustainability professional who doubles as The Provost of The African Brands Academy Limited and The Africa Quality Academy Limited.

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