The Online Reporters Association of Nigeria ORAN has sent a message of hope and Goodwill to wish all Muslims in Nigeria and worldwide, blessings of Allah this Sallah as well as peace and prosperity despite the gloom of the present Covid-19 pandemic which cast an ugly pall over the festivities which normally characterizes the season.
In a statement presented on behalf of the association by its acting PRO, Alfred Abiodun; the Association called on all Muslim faithful in Nigeria and worldwide to embrace peace and dialogue as important tools in conflict resolution citing the Southern Kaduna Killings as an example of the mayhem that can be unleashed when men prefer to find in wrath, what they fail to see in reason.
The Association also called out agents of political destabilization who employ religious differences to fuel the flame of mass murders and anarchy in the land to desist from such vile activities so as not to incur the wrath of Allah; most merciful, most beneficent, the dispatcher of Karma.
In concluding, the association called on all Muslim faithful to shun religious differences and begin to emulate the peaceful teachings and principles of Islam as laid down by the Prophet Mohammed (SAW).
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