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Alakija’s Husband, Modupe Suspended by Ikoyi Club For Beating a Member

Like a human giraffe, sniffing down his nostril at mortals beneath his gaze, Modupe Alakija, the 72-year-old beleaguered husband of popular businesswoman, Folorunsho Alakija, affected the poise of a beautiful bride. He paraded himself as the nearest thing beyond a tin-god so much so that friends, business associates worshipped the ground upon which he walked; albeit reluctantly.

suspension notice

Eventually, like all man-made deities, Alakija stopped resembling a ‘god’ or something like one after he was suspended some days ago by the prestigious Ikoyi Club, Lagos, for assaulting a fellow member .

Indeed, the dark-hued man has lost worth like the last fading smile of a cosmic Cheshire cat.

Reports say although Alakija has put the ugly scenario behind him, he is cursing his luck for venturing into an unfamiliar terrain of pugilism.

It was gathered that Alakija’s victim, a prominent member of the club, was ‘rude’ to him. This action subsequently drew his ire, and this saw him spitting into the air and accepting it with measured cadence.

Alakija was reported to have dazzed the guy with a blinding slap in a manner which only Anthony Joshua could hsve delt blows on an opponent. Still smarting from the scathing slap, the man responded and pounced on Alakija, who didn’t see the ferocious attack coming.

Before long, the man lsnded on the floor and was being pummeled on all sides. By the time he was extricated from Alakija’s vicious grip, he looked like one had been to hell and back, and was sucking for air where there wasn’t.


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