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Adultery Scandal Latest: How Super Eagles Player Kayode Olanrewaju dig his own grave

The story of late Taiwo Ogunjobi

Many controversies are surrounding former Nigeria U-20 star Kayode Olanrewaju. Some believe that recent misfortunes in his marital life could be attributed to a curse placed on him by former Prime FC boss, the late Taiwo Ogunjobi. Late Ogunjobi assisted Olanrewaju in joining Ivorian club side ASEC Mimosa, but Olanrewaju later accused Ogunjobi of extortion, leading to public allegations and a strained relationship between the two.

In 2013, late Chief Taiwo Ogunjobi was threatened with a two-year ban from all football-related activities in the country over his alleged role in the transfer saga involving Kayode Olanrewaju to ASEC Mimosa, a petition by Kayode Olanrewaju.

But late Ogunjobi was vindicated after the Cote d’Ivoire club had given a graphic detail of the entire contractual agreement in the document, specifying in clear terms, that Mr Taiwo Ogunjobi is not a signatory of the document and was not present at the signing ceremony between the player and his club.

Ogunjobi had  while speaking to the media and brandishing the document shortly after appearing before the panel, said that the parley ended in deadlock following his insist that the best way to get to the root the matter should be for the petitioner to be physically present to defend his allegations. …CONTINUE READING

The Ivorian club had noted that though Olanrewaju mandated them to transmit the sum of 150,000 FCFA monthly to his family in Nigeria through Ogunjobi while his loan lasted in Swiss, but both agreed that the club should keep the money in Abidjan until further notice.

“ASEC Mimosa has no contractual relationship with Mr. Taiwo Ogunjobi and we put it in the contract at the request of the player. We took note of the request made by the player in the amendment of the contract. From May 2011 to January 2012 (date of the loan of the player to Swiss club FC Lucerne), so we had to pay the sum of 150,000 FCFA per month to the player in Nigeria through Mr Taiwo Ogunjobi.

Before making the transfer of money, Mr Ogunjobi, in agreement with the player, asked us to keep this money in Abidjan and he would tell us when and how to send it in Nigeria when the player needs it,” it read in part.

Kayode’s career was almost over due to the non-availability of ITC, yet he was using the media to torment the late chief for ruining his ambitious career. The late top football administrator Ogunjobi, who was Kayode’s guardian, said he had no authority over Ivorian club ASEC Mimosas and had no power on the issue of ITC.

It appears that the late Ogunjobi introduced the ASEC Mimosa deal to Kayode, but he wisely chose not to act as Ogunjobi’s agent. It seems that Kayode was demonstrating his acumen in the situation, but eventually, things began to unravel between him and the late NFF scribe.

However, Ogunjobi ensured that Kayode ended his national team career during his lifetime.

It is no longer news that Olanrewaju’s family affairs have become a public mess in recent times over allegations his children are not biologically his and that his wife committed adultery.

In the earlier part of this year, the prominent football figure gained significant media attention when he expressed intentions of self-harm after purportedly discovering his spouse’s alleged extramarital involvement with the well-known UK-based pastor Tobi Adegboyega.

His wife, Dora Kayode, has firmly refuted the allegations questioning the paternity of their children.

According to reports in the Nigerian media, it was alleged that Kayode had undertaken a DNA test, which purportedly indicated that the children were the outcome of his wife’s purported extramarital relationship.

Responding to these reports, Dora, through an official letter written by her lawyers and addressed to her husband, dismissed the allegations as “baseless and humiliating”, asserting that they were made with the intent to damage her reputation and harm the children.

The mother of three insisted that the footballer should publicly retract his statement within 24 hours of receiving the letter. If he failed to do so, she would request full custody of their children in the ongoing divorce proceedings.

Amongst the reported allegations included an accusation that Dora allegedly transferred his assets to her name and also gave away two of his Mercedes SUVs to UK-based Nigerian cleric, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega.

According to a source closer to the couple revealed to ThePapers that Kayode finds himself in a difficult situation within this matrimonial conflict, feeling as though he is cursed due to his past betrayal of those who had supported him. He had placed all his trust in Dora, who had seemed like an angel to him.

“He didn’t treat late Ogunjobi well, Dora came into his life like an angel and he entrusted everything to her, even Kayode’s family did not have direct access to him before now,” a source told ThePapers on Sunday night.



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